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Greek Clothing

What’s so special about Greek clothing?

Only someone who is not currently in a sorority or fraternity would ask that question. Greek clothing is for anyone in any kind of Greek social club. Many believe that college social clubs are the only types of Greek sororities and fraternities. But that is not the case. There are many Greek service, professional, multicultural as well as honor society fraternities and sororities. And they all love their Greek clothing.

Members of a Greek service fraternity and sorority are pleased to display their letters and colors on everything they wear from sweatshirts to walking shorts. People will come up to them as ask them to explain what the Greek letters represent. Members are able to educate the inquirer on the letters as well as the mission of the chapter. Sometimes Greek clothing is a great way to achieve more support for their cause.

Those who have joined a professional Greek sorority or fraternity have learned that membership can expand their careers and sphere of friends. Wearing something elegant and simple like a Greek cardigan or carrying a Greek tote bag or gym bag can begin a lively conversation. The professional is showing they are a member of a prestigious Greek organization where membership is allowed only to a select few. Wearing Greek clothing with the letters makes them feel as special as they are.

Multicultural Greek fraternities and sororities are very proud of their letters. If a stranger asks about the meaning they explain their mission of tolerance and equality. Like a social club, they like to wear anything with their special letters or colors from T-Shirts to Polo shirts to running shorts and tank tops. You will find that many of these chapters will have specially designed shirts and sweatshirts that will show their chapter’s motto or slogan.

Greek honor society members are in a league of their own. They have been accepted into the organization because of their intelligence, superior grades and upstanding moral code. Wearing a Phi Beta Kappa shirt, windbreaker or warm up pants lets others know they are dealing with a member of the oldest honor society in America. This person is extremely bright and capable. Why wouldn’t they want to show off their letters?

Members of college campus Greek sororities and fraternities want everyone to know which elite chapter has chosen them as a member. Every club has Greek clothing in its own colors and letters and members like to wear them to class, to the ball games, on dates and even to the beach. You can bet wherever they go, their letters will be proudly presented.

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